Fostering team: we're getting out and about this winter!

Here at Oxfordshire County Council our fostering team are working hard to make sure that children are cared for within the county and right now we're looking for potential foster carers.

Fostering is about providing stability, positivity and reassurance when a child needs it most. It’s not easy – because many of the children need a lot of support. But with the county council’s team, foster carers get all the training they need, plus fair pay and so much more besides.

One of our most experienced carers, Laura, who lives in Bicester, has shared her top facts:

1. There are so many options. Becoming a foster carer is amazing – there is nothing like it – but we come in all different shapes and sizes, just like birth parents. So, if you have space in your heart and your house, then whoever you are, what is the harm in finding out a bit more?

2. Things can change. As my son grew, I needed to change who and how I fostered. I started with teenagers and that was great, but now with younger children my son can build an easier connection.

3. The support on offer is unique to the county council. When I see new foster carers, I can see the training they get really helps build confidence, but it’s the network of other foster carers – that chance to share – that makes the most difference.

4. Working isn’t a barrier. I chose to focus on fostering initially but now I’m running my own business too. I know plenty of carers who balance fostering and working somewhere else and that’s great because it means that you can keep a bit of you.

 5. Financially, it’s covered. It’s not an easy job, there are plenty of challenges, but you get the best feeling from making a difference – and importantly we get a good allowance and on top of that we get paid a fostering fee too!!

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the idea of fostering, have been thinking about it for a while or are just curious, why not take a moment to speak to our team.

Sound interesting? Join us this November and December. No commitment, just conversation.

We’re holding some online events for anyone who is interested in fostering and wants to find out more – save the date and follow the links below. Feel free to join us for the whole thing (about an hour), or drop in to ask a question in the chat.

Or speak to us in person in Bicester on 28 November and 6 December.

Find out more about fostering on our website.


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