Are you ready for September?

All children need to stay in learning until age 18 - where are you heading this summer

Most young people 16+ know where they are going to study this September, but if you're still making plans, it's time to take action

Everyone needs to stay in learning until age 18. Most know where they are going this September already. But if you're still deciding, there are options to choose from and support is available.

Time to take action

If these options aren't right for you, there are other options, including part-time and flexible learning.

Here to help: Not sure where you're studying this September? Looking for apprenticeships? You can register your details with the EET Service to access support.

There are things you can do

If you don't have learning plans in place for September, there are steps you can take:

  1. Contact your local FE college to see what they can offer
  2. Get an apprenticeship or traineeship
  3. Sign up to our Hot Jobs mailing list to hear about local opportunities 

Take Action: Looking for apprenticeships? Making an account on the National Apprenticeship Finder makes it easier to find and apply for opportunities. 

Currently out of learning?

If you are out of learning, 16+ and not sure what you're doing next, additional support is available.

You can register as NEET and access further support with finding a place in learning. 

Instant Expert: Learn more about post-16 options, discover tips, and access careers advice on the Find Your Future Portal.

You can also download a copy of our Sorted for September 2023 graphics:


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