Practitioner Documents


This area contains documents for practitioner-only access. These include some internal documents that are useful generally, such as handbooks and information sheets, as well as documents not suitable for public access such as referral routes.

You can also find some documents (such as referral forms) on the pages of individual services, in the practitioner-only field. You will need to be logged in and have practitioner access to see these.

You can also find some links to documentation areas on other websites below the document downloads.

ADHD Together Resources

These resources were created by a charity to support parents and teachers of children with ADHD, but include useful items for any parent trying to manage home behaviour, such as an anger thermometer, a reward chart and a tool to help the family get a child to school on time. Resources are given in simple presentation or comic-book form, making them suitable for use with parents who may have difficulties of their own.

ADHD Together Resources - 173 pages, PDF, 4.3Mb, open bookmarks for content list


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