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Are you happy with the activities in your area? Fill in the activities survey!

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Fill in the 2019 Oxfordshire Young People's Activity Survey to show what young people want from activities!

It is important for young people in Oxfordshire to fill in the activities survey because their voices will be heard by the different groups and organisations that provide activities for young people. The survey is open to all young people who live, work or study in Oxfordshire aged 13-19, or up to 25 with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Filling in the survey could help in many ways, like get better facilities in your area or help you find something that you enjoy. If young people do this survey, their interests will be heard, activities that young people enjoy will be prioritised.

It is important for young people to do this survey. Adults often have their say, but they may prefer different things than kids. This survey is for young people only and captures their views.

Wny do activities matter?

Activities are very helpful for young people as they help balance school studies, and relaxation time. The activities survey can try to inform decision makers to make activities easy to get to by having some in your local area. Have your say today!

You can do the survey today and make your voice be heard:

By work experience student.

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