Using your account

To be able to use the sign in you must first be registered.  You will not be able to "reset" a password until you have registered and set a password first.  (You will get an error message if you try this without registering first).

Before you try to sign in for the first time, please make sure that you have verified your account by following the instructions detailed in the email sent to you upon registering.  If you have not done this, even if you apply for a new password, this will not work.

Your account gives you access to securely add and update records. Changes and additions submitted will be checked by our team before appearing live on the site. We aim to process new updates as quickly as possible (within a few days of submission). 

If you sign into "Provider updates" and update/save your record you are agreeing to your record showing on this website.

To reset your password

The password reset will only work once you have registered.  At any time after registering you can reset your password.

If you don't remember if you have registered, you can try to register and if you are already registered  you will simply get a message to say this and ask if you want to reset your password.

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