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Oxford Hypnobirthing with Steph McGee

You’re pregnant!!! (And you’ve probably checked quite a few times to be sure!) But now it’s time to think about giving birth and our minds can do some funny things can’t they?  So tell me. Are you worried about birth? Worried what birth will feel…

You’re pregnant!!! (And you’ve probably checked quite a few times to be sure!) But now it’s time to think about giving birth and our minds can do some funny things can’t they? 

So tell me.

Are you worried about birth? Worried what birth will feel like? Wondering how you or your partner(s) will cope? Does he, she, they (or you!) have specific birth fears you want to get rid of?

But somone's just recommended Hypnobirthing. So you listened.

And now you have your heart set on a positive birth. You want a calm birth. And you want to confidently navigate any curve balls your baby, your body or your care providers throw at you.

Or maybe you're a confident birther who just wants that magic to happen again?

Hypnobirthing can help.

Hypnobirthing uses the art of hypnosis in childbirth. Or at least it does when you work with me! Hypnobirthing is birth education & empowerment. And many other powerful tools to positively focus you - body & mind - though child birth.

I'm Steph - a Clinical Hypnotherapist & registered KG Hypnobirthing teacher. I’ve had 3 baboes - 3 hypnobirths. I've trained in multiple Hypnobirthing methods to bring the best to you.

And my support is ongoing - so whether you book a group or private hypnobirthing course? I'm on hand before, during & after your course. All through your pregnancy!

And I run free hypnobirthing classes classes as well.

My popular group courses are currently online due to coronavirus. And they are better than ever!

Here's what you can exect on my group course (see website for full details):

Class zero - Set the intention - a private 1:1 session before your course! Let's chat about your hopes, dreams and biggest fears as we set the intention for your course.

Class 1 - Mind the Bump - Birth, Hypnosis & Hypnobirthing. The whys, hows and serious surprises.

Class 2 - The Big Easy - This is all about comfort & calm. How Breathing works, Advanced Hypnotic techniques and how to be super duper calm.

Class 3 - The Game Changer - The reassuring truth about pain that no one has told you until now!

Class 4 - Intervention City - With intervention rates through the roof let's talk concent, confidence, instinct & positively hypnobirthing your way through induction, cearean sections & more.

Class 5 - Hello Baby! - Your big day! What you can expect, what to do & when, the practicalities (e.g. when to 'push'), what if something goes wrong?, your golden hour & your first taster of mindful breastfeeding.


Each classes contains Hypnobirthing relaxations, progress hypnosis & free flow hypnosis as well as your your other hypnobirthing goodness!

I’ll share amazing tips like how to switch fear off in seconds. How to enter deep hypnosis in the busiest labour wards & operating theatres. Why a relaxed partner is biologically better for your birth! And how to train you body to birth better...starting from your first class!

It's reassuring to know I also specialise in mind-based pregnancy therapies. Where applicable, Rewind for past birth trauma and loss can be perfect alongside your Hypnobirthing. And Hypnotherapy can help with birth fears, pregnancy anxiety, pain in labour, fears & phobias of birth, morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, post natal depression, birth trama and more.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Steph McGee
Contact Position
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Steph McGee - Hypnobirthing classes & pregnancy therapies

KG Hypnobirthing classes across Oxfordfordshire. Group Hypnobirthing classes in Horspath, Thame & Witney. Private classes in your home to suit your schedule.

Classes are in person or online via Zoom. 

Where to go

Butts Road
OX33 1RH

Time / Date Details

When is it on
9am-10pm daily. See website for Hypnobirthing group course dates

Other Details



12 hour Group Hypnobirthing £229

10-12 hour Private Hypnobirthing prices from £299

Hypnobirthing refresher £99

See website & Facebook for offers & discounts. Contact me for bespoke courses & course requirements. All courses are accessible so just ask!

Clinical Hypnotherapy per session £60

Rewind Technique (for PTSD & birth trauma) per session £60

Mindful Breastfeeding from £79

New Prenatal & Postnatal 3 week group courses £30


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