The Special Educational Needs Casework Team

What’s important to us (our values):

Ensuring individual needs are met and that outcomes are established that drive inclusion and progress for children and young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.       

What we do:

We respond to requests for a formal assessment of special educational need.  

We provide and manage the statutory Education, Health and Care process, including changes of placement and annual reviews.

We work with parents, health, education, care and voluntary organisations to achieve high quality assessments and Education, Health and Care Plans for children and young people.

We monitor and review provision for learners aged 2 -25 years to ensure that their needs are being met according to their Education, Health and Care plans.

We also manage the application process for schools to apply for 'additional support' in order to continue to provide appropriate support from within the education setting.

We try to resolve any difficulties which may arise and recognise the important role of Parent Partnership, we also offer mediation if it would be helpful for parents.

There are three teams, one based in the city, north and south areas of the County.

Who to contact

North Team: 01865 816681 North Team: 01865 816681 South Team: 0845 6416402 South Team: 0845 6416402 Central Team: 01865 815275 Central Team: 01865 815275

North Team:

Central Team:

South Team:


Age Ranges
0-25 years
Referral required
Referral Details

Young people can self-refer through an online application form:

Parents and professionals can also use this form to request an Education, Health and Care plan for a child or young person.

It is highly recommended to look through the information available on the Local Offer (see the link above) before making an application. These pages provide useful guidance on the sort of information you will need to collect in support of an application. Providing this information at the beginning will significantly speed up the application timescales.

Other notes

 Who we offer this service to:

  • parents/families
  • schools
  • early years settings
  • educational providers across Oxfordshire

 This service is provided by Oxfordshire County Council.


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