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Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis is a One Stop Shop to book a wide range of disabled taxis in a variety of destinations from anywhere in the world using your chosen currency.

We are a specialist online taxi booking service focused on making accessible transfers as easy as possible. Whether it's for your disabled holidays, Summer Holiday or just a City Break, we are here to take the stress out of getting you to your accommodation and back again.

With an extensive list of taxi suppliers all over the world, Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis is a simple solution to sourcing accessible or non-accessible taxis for wheelchair users in your destination. 

Facilities provided are:

  • Wheelchair taxis will be at your pick-up location arrival or shortly after
  • Accessible and Non-Accessible Taxis in UK and abroad
  • Booking Vouchers with QR Codes
  • Payment online!

In US we provide disabled taxis in Florida, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Orlando and many more places.

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Dana Malone
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0800 644 6062 0800 644 6062 0800 994 9000 0800 994 9000
Taxis for Wheelchair Users
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Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis
10, North Grange Road
City of Glasgow
G61 3AE
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