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MindJam - Emotional support and mentoring through gaming, game design and coding. MindJam offers online and private help for children suffering with anxiety, stress and social issues; through positivity, learning new skills and play. MindJam uses gaming, coding and game creation, digital music and digital…

MindJam - Emotional support and mentoring through gaming, game design and coding.

MindJam offers online and private help for children suffering with anxiety, stress and social issues; through positivity, learning new skills and play.

MindJam uses gaming, coding and game creation, digital music and digital art, as a platform to develop positive play, problem solving and social and technical skill development, through friendly, positive and low-demand sessions. These activities are great for relieving stress and anxiety and have been shown to greatly benefit mental health and cognitive development.

In private and online one-to-one sessions, we provide a safe environment in which children are encouraged to express themselves, to talk about anything that interests them, their loves and fears, worries, problems and goals.

Through positive, non-judgemental social interaction, tuition and play, we aim to provide the right support for their individual needs, whilst also providing an educational benefit through furthering skills in gaming, game design and coding.

The sessions can range from playing together in Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox and other games, to learning Java, hosting a server, modding, creating games in Roblox Studio and Dreams, coding games in Python and Lua, video editing, animation, using Scratch, modelling in Blender, becoming trained and certified as a junior programmer in Unity and helping aim towards further education and employment.

The future is becoming increasingly digital and it is a world in which children increasingly feel at home. By harnessing the benefits of digital entertainment/creative platforms, we want to support children with aspects of life they find difficult, in an environment they feel comfortable.

Sessions start from £24 inc VAT for 30 minutes, most children have an hour which is £48, longer sessions and more than once a week can be offered.

We're proud to work with:

Autism Champions, Asend, A2E Surrey CC, Alternative Provision for Essex CC, Cambridgeshire and North Yorkshire CC, NHS Kent, Oxfordshire CC, Vale of Glamorgan CC, Cornwall CC, Nottinghamshire CC, Hertfordshire CC, Red Balloon Learner Center, PDA Society, Media Molecule, BAFTA, Sony and many other specialist schools and councils.

Also, we were a nominated finalist for Bafta Mentor of the Year 2021 and are nominated for the National Diversity Awards 2022.

The sessions are 121 online and the aim is to help with confidence, self esteem and anxiety whilst also furthering skills in gaming, game design and coding. Future goals could include becoming trained and certified as a junior programmer in Unity - an industry standard game development platform and helping aim towards further education and employment.

All our mentors are fully DBS checked, have full safeguarding training and are from either teaching or counselling and care backgrounds.  We are very experienced and trained in working with and helping children with ASD, ADHD, PDA, PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, school refusal and other issues.


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Dan Clark
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Business Owner
07890 672395
MindJam's website

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Monday to Friday
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Sessions are 1 hour online and can be once or several times a week

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Table of costs
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£48 Per hour

Sessions are £48 including VAT for 1 hour.

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Disabled children/young people


“We are so grateful that MindJam Dan came into our lives. My son has had an extremely difficult few years, Dan has brought fun and laughter back into my son's life on a regular basis. This is no mean feat, particularly after the added stress of lockdown. My son is 11, has been having a weekly session with Dan since January 2021. My son is autistic, demand avoidant, and highly anxious. He’s had dreadful experiences in education. Dan is enthusiastic, happy, accommodating of my son's needs, understands his needs better than most people. Dan uses his understanding of autism and wellbeing, and his shared passion for gaming to connect and build trust with my son. Dan has had the most success with my son of all the professionals that have worked with him since he became too anxious for school. My son looks forward to his sessions and wishes he could have more than 1 a week. He frequently asks me when he will be seeing Dan. He creates things in Minecraft in his spare time to share with Dan. My son has built the level of trust in 5 months of weekly sessions, that he can talk to Dan when something is concerning him, which is monumental. After a session with Dan my son’s mood is always lifted. Dan's sessions provide fun, support with wellbeing and also technical knowledge of which I am lacking! Thank you Dan you are the highlight of my son’s week.” - Jess   "My 10 year old son has a very complex profile of autism including extreme PDA and school trauma and he has been having sessions with Dan for 4 months. My son takes a very long time to engage with others (if at all) due to negative experiences in education but he engaged with Dan instantly. I believe this is due to Dan’s approach which is low demand, friendly and responsive, with a manner which exudes unconditional positive regard. Dan always treats him as an equal which is so vital for successful engagement with the PDA profile . He always brings positivity to the sessions without fail. I have been looking for someone like Dan for my son for a number of years and what I have found is that it’s quite rare to find a good fit for an extreme PDA profile with extremely high anxiety. When you do find it, it’s like striking gold! In my experience there are a few key attributes to look for when sourcing a tutor/mentor for a complex profile like my son and they are the right personality, skill, intelligence and shared interests. Mindjam Dan has all of these and more. If Dan doesn’t know something that my son has requested (which isn’t very often) then he will go away and research it meticulously and return with the correct knowledge to inform the session. In the 4 months my son has been working with Dan through the lockdown, he has made excellent progress in that he is now managing the transitions with ease, has been able to compromise in situations and is learning reading, spelling and technical skills all through gaming. My son looks forward to the sessions and through Dan’s patience and understanding when my son’s anxiety has been high, my son is easily able to re-engage with the peace of mind that Dan is someone that he can trust. As a result of the safe and happy space that Dan creates, my son is supported well and as a result this has improved his self esteem and maintained positive mental health during the lockdown. I would highly recommend Dan and I just wish there were more tutors/mentors out there with his profile and skill set. I feel very fortunate that he has come into my son’s life." Written 12.3.21 Best wishes, Joanne Lee

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Challenging behaviour
Learning difficulty
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Autistic Spectrum Condition
Communication impairment

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