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Resources advice & guidance about SEN

Advice about special educational needs 1 Hour Autism & Sensory Issues Online Video Presentation By Paul Isaacs APB Member (link to Youtube video)  

Special educational needs (SEN)

If your child has a learning disability, their special educational needs (SEN) can be met either in a mainstream school with extra support, or in a special school. If your child has special educational needs, they will be able to access help, called SEN support, from: nurseries or…

Funding for children and young people with SEND

For under 5 year olds Disability Access Fund To be eligible for DAF, the child must be 3 or 4 years old, not in reception class, getting Disability Living Allowance and receiving early education (children whose siblings attract DLA but don’t themselves would not be eligible).…

Charities for disabled children/SEN/additional needs

Links to charities for disabled children and young people General UK-based charities helping disabled children and young people Contact a Family (CAF) for families with disabled children Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity The ACE Centre Self Help UK - Guide to patient support and self help  Seesaw -…

Your adopted child's health needs

Children adopted from care will have experienced trauma and loss, even if they were adopted shortly after birth. Some may have additional needs resulting from physical, mental or emotional problems or disabilities. When a possible match is suggested with you and a child, this is…

Caring for children with complex needs

If your child has been diagnosed with an illness, disability or sensory impairment that needs a lot of additional support for them to live day to day, they might be described as having "complex needs". A child might have complex needs from birth, or following…

Supporting children with autism into adulthood

For a teenager who has autism, growing up to become an adult with autism may have extra, unique challenges beyond those commonly faced by other teens. Families of children with autism will also have to adapt to the changes that being an independent adult with…

Covid 19 information

See related pages and services Other links: National advice and local information Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on vulnerable children and young people