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Why activities matter

Activities Oxfordshire is a partnership between Oxfordshire County Council, our local district councils and other local providers and supporters of posititive activities for young people. Work includes:

  • Oxfordshire Children and Young People's Wellbeing Action Group
  • Area groups (Area Activity Action Groups, Youth Partnerships)
  • Promotional support through this website and other routes
  • Supporting young people to audit the local offer of activities to support wellbeing.

Oxfordshire an amazing place for young people. We want to support you find activities that suit you, that you enjoy and that support you to build your skills, capability and confidence.

Why it matters

Taking part in activities is fun, and this is valuable in itself. But there are lots of other benefits. Here are some which one of our groups of young auditors identified:

  • Benefits my co-ordination and fitness
  • Builds positive feelings and confidence
  • Meeting and seeing friends which is really important to me
  • Improves my social and leadership skills
  • Pride in acheivements and new skills
  • Made me more enthusiastic regarding a future career
  • Brought new career opportunities
  • Improved my independence

Studies show that young people who take part in roughly two hours of organised leisure time activity weekly do better as they get older. You can see this in their social groups, their educational attainment and even in things like whether they get in trouble, or what jobs they have.

So what's the problem?

We know that lots of young people give up activities in their teenage years. It might be that their interests change, or that they need to concentrate on school work, or another reason. But we know it happens, and that those young people who get out of the activity habit do not do as well as those who keep active, interested and doing activities.

How we help

We encourage young people to stay involved in activities in lots of different ways.

How you can help

We are looking for young people from Oxfordshire to help us audit the local offer of activities for young people. You don't have to be someone who does a lot of activities to take part! We are interested in talking to all sorts of young people, and happy to work with exiting groups. Young people should be aged 13-19 (up to 25 with learning difficulties or disabilities). Email or message us via  

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