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We are well into Season 3 of Street Tag 2023 – the mobile game that makes every metre travelled count towards prizes. So far, players in over 100 teams across Oxfordshire have

  • won over £6,000 for schools, and
  • clocked over 425,650 miles playing Street Tag.

How it works:

Street Tag turns trips to town and heading to school or college into a competition against other teams in your district and the wider county.

You scan virtual tags with your smartphone while you are out and about. Every point you get for a tag adds to your chosen school team’s leaderboard.

The app runs in the background, so it automatically collects tags in a 40-metre radius allowing you to focus on your journey and not your phone.

It’s quick and easy to sign up to play for any school team you choose. Each season lasts 12 weeks. In that time, you’ll be competing with other schools to hit the top of the leader board and become the winners.

Join your team:

Get ready to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle with Street Tag. Download the app for Android or iOS today and join your local team.

For more information visit the Street Tag website


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