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Chef Supreme Team

Following the success of the Children in Care Council (CiCC) Bake-Off last year, the team once again worked with Oxford City Farm to set up a MasterChef style event titled ‘Chef Supreme Team’. 

The event which took place on 2nd April 2023 consisted of three teams made up of children of all ages. Each team produced a main dish and a desert for judging, as well as whipping up lunch for everyone at the event.

The dishes were judged by chefs for the day. They were blown away by the quality of all the food on display however they did manage to agree on a winning team who produced a selection of street food.

Not only did the food taste amazing, the presentation was second to none and they worked really well as a team.  Their prize is to be taken out for a special meal – one which they do not have to cook!

Important discussions 

In  addition to the cooking, as normal in a CiCC meeting, they discussed some of the important issues of the day giving the all-important ‘child perspective’ on developments that affect them.

Specifically they shared their thoughts on the Implementation Strategy and Consultation on Stable Homes, Built on Love: Children’s Social Care Reform 2023 and produced videos about their education to be shared at the Virtual School Conference on 29th June for designated teachers and  headteachers.

Also in attendance and helping out on the day was Sara from NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service).

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