Volunteers at a food bank

Volunteering in Oxfordshire is popular and many young people volunteer in their community. Here are some of the things young people tell us they gain from volunteering:

  • you feel useful, helpful, good
  • meet new friends, make new friends
  • learn skills, get training
  • improve CV

If you're a young person in Oxfordshire looking for somewhere to start volunteering, here's how:

  1. Research Look through the groups, activities and clubs to find groups that might want your skills and time. Ask at any clubs or groups you attend whether they need volunteering help. Check out Doit.org Check local websites, press,  community notice boards and online.
  2. Make contact Offer to help. Contact organisations, offering to volunteer. Attend community action groups. Look for a local volunteering hub or volunteering centre. Tell your adviser that you are interested in volunteering.
  3. Commit Most volunteering roles need you to fill in a form, do an application, and some need an interview, tests or training, just like a job. This is a great way to practise applying for jobs, and also shows your commitment.

National Citizen Service

The National Citizen Service is a summer programme for young people aged 16 or 17. There are rolling programmes all summer, and all programmes include going a community action; volunteering.

How old do I need to be to volunteer?

Every organisation makes their own decision, but most volunteering opportunities will need you to be over 14 or 18, depending on the volunteering opportunity:

  • At age 14 you can volunteer in your local library
  • At age 18 you can volunteer to steward at festivals

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