Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) Youth Ambassador

Job Title: Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) Youth Ambassador




The Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme is a national scheme that provides children on free school meals access to food and fun activities over the Spring, Summer and Winter school holidays. We use a range of activity providers across Oxfordshire to deliver this.




We are looking to recruit a group of motivated and passionate 13-18 year olds to help develop and influence Oxfordshire’s programme, aiming to support thousands of children and young people.


We plan to meet once a month, but this will change dependant on events and how involved you want to be.


Currently we are looking to meet in Oxford, but if another area is better for the group, we will locate accordingly.


If you are someone who has an interest in any of the following, then this might be perfect for you:


  • Food / Cooking
    • Create or even deliver cooking workshops such as create your own pizza and salad.
    • Explain the importance of healthy eating balance.
    • Experience of food in your local community e.g takeaways, junk food adverts


  • Sport
    • Help run sports sessions in your local community.
    • Organised sports or just fun activities.
    • Feedback on what activities we are missing.


  • Art
    • Deliver local art workshops to children from 4 upwards.


  • Event planning
    • Help us plan family and celebration events.
    • Have your say on what activities and food we should have.


  • Social media
    • Create posts and videos to promote HAF.
    • Help us showcase the positive outcomes.


  • Marketing and design
    • Create promotional materials.
    • Design activity workbooks.


  • Accessibility and inclusiveness
    • Decide what training our providers should attend.
    • Visit providers and create on site videos for children with anxiety, autism, and other needs.


We are not expecting one person to cover all of the above. We are recruiting a group of young people who individually can focus on the areas that they are passionate about.


You will be supported at every step and there is the potential to fund accredited training such as first aid, life guarding, football refereeing or food hygiene qualifications.




As a HAF Youth Ambassador, you will be a representative of Oxfordshire County Council and empowered to make real changes to the HAF programme. You will actively engage with peers, community members, and stakeholders to promote HAF and create awareness.


You will be responsible for inspiring, motivating, and mobilising young people to participate in our programs, events, and activities. This is an exciting opportunity to make a meaningful impact in your community and contribute to positive social change.




Get involved: Whether you are just creating art, food or sport sessions or are happy to deliver them yourself, we are looking for young people who are eager and willing to dive into improving our programme.


Advocacy: Represent our organisation at various events, forums, and meetings to promote HAF and advocate for the needs and interests of young people. Speak confidently and passionately about our initiatives and engage in discussions to raise awareness and generate support.


Community Engagement: Actively engage with children and young people in the community to build relationships and promote our activities. Collaborate with local schools, youth organisations, and community leaders to identify opportunities for partnership and participation.


Public Speaking: Deliver presentations, speeches, and talks to young people and other stakeholders about our HAF's mission, goals, and impact. Inspire and motivate your peers to get involved and make a difference in their communities.


Social Media: Create content for social media platforms to promote our initiatives, share updates, and engage with young people. Create compelling content, including posts, videos, and stories, to raise awareness about our organisation and its impact.


Event Coordination: Plan, organise, and execute events and activities to promote HAF. Coordinate logistics, including venue selection, scheduling, and participant recruitment. Act as a host and facilitator during events, ensuring a positive experience for all participants.


Reporting and Feedback: Provide regular reports on your activities, achievements, and feedback from the community. Share insights and recommendations on how to improve our programs and initiatives based on your interactions with young people and stakeholders.


Professional Development: Participate in training, workshops, and professional development opportunities to enhance your skills, knowledge, and effectiveness as a Young Ambassador. Continuously learn about social issues, youth engagement strategies, and best practices in advocacy and community mobilisation.



Must be between 13-18 years old.

Passionate about social issues and making a positive impact in the community.

Ability to engage with diverse audiences and build relationships with young people and stakeholders.

Self-motivated, proactive, and able to work independently as well as part of a team.

Strong organisational skills and ability to manage events and activities.

Familiarity with social media platforms and ability to create engaging content.

Willingness to learn and continuously improve as a Young Ambassador.


What’s in it for you:

  • Access to training and development.
  • Make a positive impact on your local community.
  • Can count as one of your DofE sections.
  • Will look great on your CV and make you stand out above your peers.
  • We will provide you with a written reference.
  • You will have the opportunity to try a wide range of activities and foods.

Note: This job description is a general outline of the responsibilities and depending on the skills and knowledge of the young people, will likely develop to best utilise and focus on the interests of the group.


How to Apply

Please email us at explaining why you would want to be a HAF Youth Ambassador, and what you would bring to the role. Please remember to include name and contact details for you and your parent/carer. Please email if you have any questions.

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