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Some activities can be expensive. But many organisations offer membership schemes or discounts. There are special discounts for young people, and for different sorts of young people, e.g. students. There are also membership schemes which can help spread the cost of activities, or save money over time.

There are also schemes and projects which help young people have experiences like holidays and adventures. These might be organised by local youth groups or charities, or by organisations for young people with special difficulties or responsibilities, such as Young Carers.

Discount Schemes

Most council supported leisure services offer special rates for children and young people. Ask about junior rates or discounts for young people. These are different according to which part of the county you are in, and which service you are using. Find out more about some of Oxfordshire’s more popular leisure discounts:

You can also try out new activities for cheap or free at taster sessions, activity days and some events at Oxfordshire Young Peoples Centres.

Cheaper Travel

There are cheaper fares available for young people on public transport in Oxfordshire, but restrictions do apply, e.g. cheap bus passes may not be available for evening travel. Oxford Bus Company offer the 18 and Under Key, and Stagecoach offer the Scholar Pass, but check prices and restrictions. If you attend a college that is affiliated with Brookes university you can apply for a Brookes pass key which gives you cheaper travel within the ring road.

Other ways to save on travel:

Sometimes going by car or getting a lift is the best solution, but there are still ways to make this cheaper. Oxfordshire Liftshare can help match you up with other people taking the same journey so you can share the cost of travel.

Other Discounts

Some activities offer their own discount schemes. You can find out about these on the individual activity pages.

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