Oxfordshire Youth Produces Report on Youth Services in Oxfordshire

Cover Image of the Report Assessment of Youth Services Study for Oxfordshire

In November 2020 Oxfordshire Youth was commissioned to carry out a research project to better understand the needs and wants of young people in Oxfordshire, how well these are currently being met, and potential implications for the future.

The report defined the youth offer as a mix of local authority-led and voluntary sector support for young people aged 11-25 that provides positive activities to help children and young people thrive in life. This includes universal, targeted, and specialist services; for the purpose of the study, this did not include sports clubs, uniformed organisations, public and private health services, or educational establishments.

The context of the research is the ongoing duty that local authorities have to provide access to developmental opportunities and spaces for young people ‘as far as is reasonably practicable’.

In light of recent national developments, including National Youth Agency Youth Work Strategy and Youth Investment Fund, it is essential that local authorities gain a good understanding of the youth offer delivery model in their area and the needs of the young people who are eligible to access those opportunities.

The research involved a literature review of existing publications, interviews with 35 young people and 23 professionals from the youth sector, a survey for young people (140 responses); a survey for adults (65 responses); and Instagram polls (22 responses). Sector leaders were invited to participate in two focus groups

You can read the full report here.


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