What is an activity?

The Activities Oxfordshire website lists all free time activities which support the wellbeing of young people in Oxfordshire. It puts young people in touch with activities they want and enjoy, and also with activities which support health and development.

It delivers the Local Authority duty to secure access to services and activities for young people aged 13 to 19, and those with learning difficulties to age 24.

Definition of Activities

Young Auditors are groups of young people which assess the local offer of activities for young people.  In July 2013 we asked a group to tell us their definition of an Activity. They told us:

An activity is something for young people that is fun, friendly and safe. It is enjoyable to do. It can be with or without others. It should be memorable and allow you to develop new skills and motivate your mind. It allows you to meet new people.  As far as possible, you should be able to get to it, take part whatever your ability. and it should be affordable to all.

All activities for young people aged 13-19 (and up to 24 with learning difficulties and disabilities) can be listed on this website.

Activities you do in a group

There are great benefits to doing activities in a group.  Here are some of the things young people have told us about doing activities together:

  • It improved my social skills and confidence in myself
  • I get to see my friends which is important to me
  • It improved my social and leadership skills
  • I felt closer to my friends

If you want to meet new people, chat and have fun together, and more, you can search online for a club, group or activity.

Activities you do on your own

There are also lots of activities to support your wellbeing that you do on your own. Young people tell us that these are valuable too:

  • Benefits my co-ordination, fitness and positive feeling
  • Improves my independence and confidence
  • Makes me enthusiastic
  • Makes me proud

Activities you can do on your own include walking, running, gymreading, arts and more.


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