Safety First

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Joining a new group or trying out a new activity for the first time can be scary. But there are lots of things you can do to make doing something new a little bit safer. Here are some of the ideas our young auditors came up with:

  • Take a friend
  • Tell yourself how good/exciting fun it will be
  • Pay in advance because you'll be determined to get good value for money

Our activity survey showed that one of the best things about doing more activities is meeting new friends. So there is a good chance that the more activities you do, the easier it will be to find a friend to do activities with you.

Safely Active

Whenever you start a new activity you should contact the organisation to check details and arrangements. Some organisations have an enquiry form, others need you to call to book. Make sure you know the arrangements.

Before you go to any activity for the first time:

  • Tell your parents or carer where you're going and when you'll be back
  • Plan your travel and check you have bus money and mobile credit
  • Check ahead to make sure the activity is still happening

For most activities and clubs there will also be forms your parents need to fill in, and rules you have to follow to make sure everyone stays safe.

Bullying at your activity - know what to do

Activities and clubs for children and young people take steps to make sure everyone at these activities stays safe and has a good time. This includes having things like a safeguarding policy and and anti-bullying policy which explain how they will keep children safe and what they will do if people break the the rules or bully. When you start a new activity, make sure you know:

  • What clothes and footwear you need
  • Any safety rules you need to follow
  • Any behaviour rules you need to follow
  • Who you can talk to at the activity or club if you have a problem

Activities, events and clubs should be safe, respectful and positive environments. You can help support this in lots of ways, for example:

  • Being kind, respectful and positive with others at your activity
  • Supporting, helping and being kind to each other when there are difficulties
  • Letting the activity leaders know if bullying is happening

You can find more information about bullying on the website

Advice for parents

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We recommend that you check all activity providers thoroughly before allowing your children to take part in activities.


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