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Health Visitors

Health visitors are qualified nurses or midwives with specialist public health training. We are trained in child development and protecting children.

We are available to support you in pregnancy and will see you once your baby is born. We are also able to provide support and advice to you within our child health clinics and at any time until your child becomes five years of age.

Health visiting teams advise and support the health and wellbeing of babies, children and their families. Our teams include community staff nurses, nursery nurses and health care support workers.

We work with other agencies such as GPs, midwives, school health nurses, early years settings, children’s centres, voluntary and community groups, and social care services.

Health visitors work to promote equal health opportunities, promote health, and provide service to individuals, families and communities.

To find your health visitor you need to be registered with a GP, as health visiting teams are currently linked to GP practices.  Find your health visitor here.

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