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Click - online safety, cyberbullying and digital resilience

AlterEgo Perform the play at the LADO conference 2018

Children across the UK are spending increasing amounts of time on the internet, and at younger ages. Although this brings many opportunities to enjoy themselves and learn, it also brings potential risks.

Oxfordshire County Council is very lucky to have been awarded money, as part of the Cybercrime grant from the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner, to help younger children stay safe online.

Oxfordshire have commissioned school drama specialists AlterEgo Creative Solutions (creators of Chelsea’s Choice) to provide a play suitable for children in Year’s 5 & 6. It will help them learn about online risk and healthy online behaviour and relationships.

A resource pack has been made available to support the delivery of the play including lessons/presentations about Cyberbullying, obsessive use/digital resilience, posters about healthy and unhealthy relationships and more.

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The play is age appropriate and is called “Click”. It lasts approximately 45 minutes and will cover issues such as online safety, cyberbullying and good online communication. We hope that this will be a memorable way to enhance their safe internet usage and help our children to stay safe on line.

Primary schools in Oxfordshire hosted performances in June-July 2018, and further performances may be booked directly from Alterego.  

Contacts who can provide more support around digital resilience and online safety:

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